There is a ton of amount of information  about termites on the web in Memphis, TN. You will find tales of people who have spent a lot of money on repairing damage caused by termites. Not to mention that there are thousands of homes infested each year. 

Learn more detailed termite information below.

Altus takes pride in being a leader termite removal, so we don’t want to bore you with the statics, just provide an effective simple solution!

Termite Awareness Facts

At Altus, we use Termidor HP II, the most effective and advanced termiticide delivery system.

  • The machine delivers precise amounts of the product, which protects your home from termites.
  • It offers total protection while limiting disruption to the landscaping around the home.

Discover The Termidor HP II System

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. For this reason, only the very best and most effective methods should be used when treating your home. At Altus, we use a unique liquid treatment, which creates barriers around the entire property. This will mitigate gaps in the termite protection fence.

Call us today to discuss what you need. We offer a free estimate for all new customers.

Our team of friendly and licensed inspectors will arrange for a detailed inspection of your property. 

A custom service and treatment regime will be created after the inspection that’s designed specifically for your home. 

Our technicians will also keep you updated to ensure that you are kept up to speed throughout the entire process. 

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