The Color: Brown or Black
Amount of Legs: 6
Wings: Varies Across Different Areas
Size Of Bug: 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch
The Look Of The Bug In Shape: Segmented, Oval
Antenna: Yes These Bugs Have AN Antenna

Location: They Are Found Around The Entire USA

Odorous Ants tend to form nests around houses and can have a distinctive, off coconut-like odour. Local to the US, these types of ants are not shy, thrieving in environments of large communities with up to 120,000 family members.

Odorous house ants feed on other dead insects and fruit or vegetation.

They live for several years and can have thousands of children per ant. These ants are known to ruin houses as they like to nest under the floors and also in walls creating massive amounts of damage.

Odorous House ants are not a health threat if they sting or bite you. However they are known to contaminate food.

Try to remove any standing water around your home, fish tanks, small ponds etc. Be rubbish mindful do not throw fruit or vegetables into your yard. At all time be thoughtful about leaving food out and keep your bins well away from the house. Get A Quote From ATLUS Memphis TN Today!

The Color: Darkish brown and black with some species also being shiny
Legs: 6
Wings: Across different varieties some will have wings some will not
Average shape: Segmented, Oval
Usual Size: 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch
Antennas: Yes

Location:  Mostly found in Southeastern US areas

Argentine ants migrated to the US from South America in the late 1880’s. They are found mostly in the Southern US and Mid West Coast. These ants can be a serious problem.

Argentine Ants eat mostly sweet food. They are also known eat anything, meat, rotten egg, oil, fruit, off vegetation and old fats. When looking for food, Argentine ants leave trails wherever they travel not just from the nest or to the local food spot. It leaves a smell in which they recognise, ensuring the ants never visit the same spot twice. The queen ant for this specie is also known to help the worker ants find food.

Argentine ant colonies like to build their homes around water sources. They are known as an extremely clever ant and removing these ants can be tricky.

Argentine ants are not dangerous. They are known to contaminate food with that being the only health risk.

Remove any standing water around the house. Pests, such as ants, are attracted to homes with standing water and to homes that have rubbish close to the house. Remove all rubbish from around the home and also keep your bins as far away as possible. Cut all trees down around the home and make sure no branches from any trees are physically touching the house.

The Color:  Brown/Black
Number Of Legs: 6
Their Shape: Segmented, oval
Size:  1/8 of an Inch
Location:  The Whole Of The US

Pavement ants like most other ants will anything. This includes any other insects. They also like most human food including breads, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and common food for humans.


These ants love to nest in homes. They are found mainly under pavements and in the flooring of your home.

Black pavement ants are known to sometimes contaminating food.

Remove all standing and still water around your home.

The Average Color: Dark reddish brown
Amount Legs: 6
Usual Shape: Segmented; oval
Size: 1/8 inch -3/8 inch
Antennae: Yes
Region In Which They Are Mostly Found: Southern and Southeastern US

Red Imported Fire Ants build massive nests which are easy to spot as there mounds are huge.

Their mounds and nest are nearly always found outdoors or in areas just of the home. It is unusual for them to enter your house but if they do they get in trhough the cracks in floors or walls.

The bite of a red imported fire ant can be extremely painful with swelling usually following for 24 hours. Usually you will get stung by several of these ants not just the one. People who have allergic reactions need to seek medical treatment.

Color: Range in color from red to black
Amount Of Legs: 6 Wings: Varies
Usual Size: 5/8″
Shape: Oval
Antennas: Yes
Where They Are Found:  Entire US

Carpenter Ants are known to make tunnels and bore through wood. They make their nests and can cause damage to houses and buildings in the process. There are many types of carpenter ants found throughout the USA 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch.

Carpenter ants do eat mostly human food. Meats, fruits, vegetables and household scrapes. They also eat other insects and are found around still water.

Carpenter ants are not a threat to health or safety.