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We pride ourselves on being one of the most effective pest control exterminator, and termite treatment service in Memphis, TN.

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Our Goal is to Exterminate Pests from Your Home In Memphis TN

Are you one of those people who have hired a pest control service in Memphis, TN., only to find out later that the pests return a few weeks later? If anything, this is very frustrating and expensive, especially if you have the wrong company trying to eliminate pests. Our Pest Solutions, we are  leading the  industry. We are the top rated service in Memphis, TN, because our solution comes backed with a guarantee. We listen to our customers and offer the best value while ensuring the highest level of customer service.

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Our Services:

  • The RemovalWe use repellant around the outside of your home, which traps the bugs inside. This unique system gets rid of bugs entirely, after which we install a protective barrier.

  • Effective Pest Control – Sure, we’ve encountered resilient bugs. That’s why we use a combo of five proven methods that work even against the most resilient bugs on earth and in Memphis TN. 

  • A Money Back Warranty – At Atlus in Memphis, TN, we back the work we do with a guarantee. That means if you are not 100% satisfied with the service, we will refund whatever you’ve paid. We are the only ones in the city to offer this type of guarantee.

  •  Everything Included – We don’t sell what you don’t need. We will not add any additional services or recommendations just to upsell and make more money. We take pride in offering the best pest control that’s affordable for every homeowner.

  • A Unique Exterminator Service –  We provide a top-tier and consistent service. A bad experience is extremely annoying similar to pesky bugs. Our team will make it a point to go out of our way to ensure that you are satisfied. We are grateful to be ranked #1 on many platforms as the best pest control service in Memphis, TN. We take the reputation of our company very seriously.

  • Price Matching Guarantee – If you can present a pest removal company that offers the same level of service, with a warranty like we do, at a lower price, we will match that price.

  • Safes Products – our pest control methods include using natural pyrethroids extracted from the chrysanthemum flower. The byproduct is colorless, safe, and an extremely potent pest control substance. If anything, it is less toxic than table salt.

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ATLUS Pest Control Gets Results

We deliver a complete and highly effective pest control solution backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

When you are looking for a reliable, highly professional, and experienced pest control service provider in Memphis, TN, look no further. Give us the opportunity to show you how effective our exterminators methods are and why our clients never have to deal with the same pests issues again. If you are still on the fence about our pest extermination solution, give us a call today. It shows you up close and personal exactly how our process works, and why it effectively protects your home. Plus, you’ll know why we confidently back our service with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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